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Merchant API

Our Merchant API provides a single place for all your merchant needs. Initiate one-time and recurring payments, tokenize your payloads, manage customers, and much more!

Need data? Generate over 10 different reports to get a clear picture of your performance and growth. It's all here!

Payment | Reporting

Partner API

Connect to our Partner API and open the gates to managing both new and existing merchants:

  • Board merchants with ease by generating pre-filled applications.
  • Migrate merchant data to the EpicPay Gateway.
Here at EpicPay, we take care of our partners!


Gateway SDKs

EpicPay on GitHub

We give developers the tools they need to quickly and easily integrate into the EpicPay Gateway.

Our SDKs offer the full functionality of our award winning Payment API while greatly simplifying the development process of your website or plugin.

C# | Java

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